From Phone-Smashing Pop-Ups to Inclusive Reading Ads

 - Sep 4, 2018
These August 2018 Interactive marketing trends range from phone-smashing pop-ups to inclusive reading ads. Standouts to note include fashion label /Nyden's crowd-sourced dress designs that are co-created alongside consumers. The brand relies on social media heavily when creating its signature range, and references tools like the Instagram Stories feature to decide on styles that most appeal to its core demographic.

Other August 2018 Interactive marketing innovations to note include Tommy Hilfiger's latest Tommy Jeans Xplore range which is embedded with smart chips that work to reward consumers every time they wear a piece from the line. This is possible thanks to an accompanying mobile app that helps users earn points that can be used to redeem experiences.

Data-driven fragrance dispensers and language-teaching vending machines round off this list and speak to consumers' evolving desire for marketing experiences that cater to their niche interests with personalized elements.