Bombay Sapphire is Encouraging Consumers to "Stir Creativity"

 - Jul 12, 2018
References: bombaysapphire & campaignlive
Bombay Sapphire will soon be launching a unique cocktail-making experience that infuses the drinking experience with art. The experience will invite guests to "stir their creativity" with edible colored paints and flavors of their choosing at the Bombay Sapphire Tonic Wall and visit the pick-your-own garnish garden to top off their customized creation.

To set the scene as an inspiring one for the event, Bombay Sapphire has invited 12 international artists to transform the space into a living piece of art that incorporates the floors, walls and even the furniture. Each night of the event, the space is set to transform before the eyes of guests from a blank canvas to something completely new and unique.

The artful Bombay Sapphire cocktail-customizing experience is set to open soon for a limited time in Shoreditch.