From Portable Pop-Up Tents to Illuminated Pool Floats

 - Sep 3, 2018
The August 2018 Art & Design ideas are always exciting to look at because they include an unbelievable level of creativity, entrepreneurial initative and functional aesthetic. Moreover, a great portion of the included examples boast experimental approaches that have the potential to either progress the industry in a certain direction or simply entertain.

Fashion retailer H&M and British label GP & J Baker, for example, team up for the first time to create a stylish and pattern-rich collection for their audience. The line boasts beautiful patterns from the archives of the textile and wallpaper house, which enjoys a history of over a century. Other collections are a little bit more functional like Seray Ozdemir's 'Corridor Society' furniture, which is specifically meant for a Millennial audience and engineered to fit narrow spaces.