The Conceptual iPhone IQ is Comfortable Extended Periods of Use

 - Jul 2, 2018
References: yankodesign
Smartphone manufacturers are presently focused on making devices as slim and compact as possible which doesn't help much in the way of ergonomics, so the conceptual iPhone IQ has been designed to change this.

Created by Steel Drake, the smartphone features an intentionally bulbous design that will fit perfectly in your hand without struggle to ensure that users don't develop fatigue or drop the device unnecessarily.

The device is integrated with a bezel-free screen with a curved design for enhanced visuals, while the front camera and sensors are integrated under this display to hide them from view. The rear of the device features one single camera with impressive capabilities to do away with the need for multiple lenses. The overall design of the device harkens back to previous generations of the Apple-branded smartphone and identifies how it can maintain relevance today given the ubiquity of technology usage.