These Bathtubs at the XXII Carat Villa Complex are Lavish

 - Jul 5, 2018
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These crystal bathtubs have bene unveiled as the crowning touch within the lavatories of the XXII Carat villa complex in Dubai on the Palm Jumeirah to offer an exquisitely opulent way to relax.

Each of the bathtubs are crafted from a single piece of crystal and have been sourced from the Amazon in Brazil before being finished in Italy. The exclusive tubs are designed by Baldi Home Jewels, cost $1 million each and come in three variations including Green Quartz, Rock Crystal and Rose Quartz to offer consumers their choice of aesthetic.

The crystal bathtubs have a naturalistic finish that makes them ideal as a focal point within the high-end villas that is somewhat juxtaposed to the lavish amenities around them.

Image Credit: XXII Carat