GRT Architects' Textured Triangular Tiles Evoke Class

 - Jul 20, 2018
References: grtarchitects & dezeen
Brooklyn-based studio GRT Architects develops a series of monochromatic triangular tiles that are later produced by Hungarian company Kaza Concrete. The textured design of the flooring is evocative of something a freshman might learn in a first-year fine art class.

For the aesthetic of the triangular tiles, GRT Architects draws inspiration from ancient Rome and Greece. Channeling the highly detailed, sculpturally relevant and incredibly powerful presence of classical architecture, the studio is able to create a decorative collection of flooring designs that successfully communicates "vertical concave flutes and convex reeds."

The geometric presence of the product as triangular tiles is also done with a service in mind. The strategic casting of the shape allows the parts to "neatly tesselate," as well as create "a subtle grid overlay when they are installed in the 'correct' way."