- May 18, 2019
There is definitely no shortage of unique dining experiences around the world — from fully automated diners that utilize cutting-edge robotic technology to eateries made of ice to instill an arctic atmosphere.

The demand for these types of services is strong, especially since contemporary consumers have a preference for spending on things that will grant them with tangible memories, instead of simple commodities. The creative spur here is quite mesmerizing, as the availability of new, cutting-edge dining concepts seem to be limitless.

Some restaurants embrace minimalism and sustainability — an example of this would be the zero-waste 'Brasserie 2050' which envisions what the world would be like in the future. Other unique dining experiences are more tech-forward. 'Sushi Singularity' is a restaurant that 3D-prints one's dish based on biological samples that were submitted beforehand.

From Nostalgic Lunchbox Diners to Mountaintop Luxury Pop-Ups: