The Edison in LA is an Entertainment Venue with Rich History

 - Nov 20, 2018
References: edisondowntown
Nothing brings forth the romantic atmosphere of the Art Noveau and Industrial Gothic movements quite like The Edison in LA. Located at the heart of downtown, the venue offers its visitors an immersive experience that is accented by historic value, creative splendour and elegant, unique entertainment. From burlesque nights to live music concerts, the business embraces the interior of a renovated power plant — the sub-basement of the historic Higgins Building to be exact.

The original structure was erected back in 1910 to act as a symbol of the thriving cultural life of Downtown Los Angeles. Through the dim-lit and enticing setting, the readily available craft cocktails and the thematically appropriate entertainment, the Edison LA will definitely take guests on an adventure that embraces the Golden Age of the 20th century.