- Feb 18, 2019
There are some incredibly exciting examples of 2019 pop culture trends in this list, including a playful and forward-thinking femcare campaign by Libresse, ironic Adobe-inspired keychains by Yu Xin, tongue-in-cheek and ultra-retro burger ads by McDonalds, as well as quirky social media-referencing illustrations by Toronto-based artist Scott Martin (also known as Burnt Toast Creative).

An incredibly noteworthy project for this category is that of 'Stitch Gawd' — run by Emma Mckee who produces exceptional and unique hand-stitched garments for creatives affiliated with the Chicago hip-hop scene and beyond. Yet, her work is incredibly exclusive since she only exchanges garments for visual art products, beats, songs, and the like. She adds her 'payment' to an on-going project that celebrates the scene. It is dubbed 'Stitch Tape.'

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From Bold Unisex Neon Clothing to Vintage Fast Food Ads: