Releases an Infographic with the Top Canine Names for 2018

 - Dec 8, 2018
References: rover — a sizable platform that connects owners to experienced and highly qualified pet sitters and dog walkers, releases a popular dog name infographic that can definitely serve as inspiration or simply to satisfy curiosity. This report is released for the first time in Canada and separates preferred names for canine companions based on gender.

For 2018, the top three male dog names are Charlie, Max, and Cooper, while Bella, Luna, and Daisy dominate the female category. pulls an interesting insight from these, calling attention to the fact that most of the names on the list are actually human — a not-so-surprising fact when statistics point that "over 94 percent of pet parents consider their dog a member of the family."'s popular dog name report also spotlights some pop culture-inspired examples — from the Handmade's Tale to Riverdale, as well as some sport-influenced names.