- Jan 27, 2019
A brand's image can make it or break it and this list of 2018 branding trends shows a few businesses that did it right.

From design-forward visual identities to smart packaging, the possibilities for brands to reach their consumer base in an intimate fashion are ultimately endless. Of course, some boast a more tech-savvy approach than others. Waviboy, for example, is a futurist streetwear label and the brand is represented by a digital influencer. This builds on the popularity of CGI 'humans' with Instagram accounts and is definitely an interesting way to raise awareness of one's business.

Other examples of strategic marketing in this list of 2018 branding trends is surely Gucci's stunning wall murals. Not only do they bring a certain artistic character to the city — the latest mural spotlights performance artist Marina Abramović, but the move also affects the status of Gucci as an art-forward label.

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