These Desktop Organizers are Focused on Tranquility

 - Jul 9, 2018
References: yankodesign
The increasing amount of time that we're spending at our workstations can be negatively affected if things are left disorganized, so these conceptual desktop organizers have been created to help change this.

Inspired by naturalistic scenery, the organizers are titled 'Pool,' 'Valley' and 'Waterfall' to put a focus on calming imagery that in turn can keep a personal feeling tranquil as they go through their daily routine. The desktop accessories also help to keep everything organized and neat to ensure that you're never left searching endlessly for an essential piece of equipment like a charging cable or paperclip.

The conceptual desktop organizers have been created by Seungyeol Lee and put a focus on sculptural aesthetics to help individuals feel more relaxed when working.