- Jul 1, 2018
The June 2018 modern trends offer interesting insight into how consumers will live and fill their homes and offices in the future -- with everything from weathervane-inspired light fixtures to oversized peacock-shaped planters featured.

With convenience and high-end tech in mind, Zucchetti.Kos created the Quadrat Pool Relax, as the perfect place to relax between soaking in a hot tub. This new item perfectly embodies the future of retail, as a luxurious product that combines two very well known household items to create one simple modernized solution.

Additionally, Lusio Architects reimagined a traditional refuge cabin on the side of a mountain with a sustainable and technologically advanced replacement. This modern alternative keeps all of the traditional aspects and simply upgraded, reworked and redesigned the space.

From Multi-Functional Daybed Hot Tubs to Sustainable Mountain Cabins: