Studio Swine's Installation Debuted at the Eden Project

 - May 28, 2018
References: studioswine & dezeen
London-based Studio Swine stuns and pushes structural boundaries in a number of ways with its mesmerizing breathing sculpture, which is part of the 'Invisible Worlds' exhibition. Firstly, the installation weighs 20 tons and "is reportedly the largest ceramic sculpture in the world." Respiration is simulated through the firing of 32 cannons and the aroma is equated to "primordial worlds." Studio Swine drew inspiration from cyanobacteria for its breathing sculpture, referencing microorganisms that date back as far as 2.7 Ga (Giga annum) ago.

The work is meant to mimic the process of photosynthesis of this bacteria. Thus, Studio Swine both informs the audience of life on Earth three billion years ago and also engages viewers with a dynamic and gigantic breathing sculpture.