Irina Kosheleva Gives an Immersive Aesthetic to 'Where is My Home'

 - May 14, 2018
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This poetic exhibition, that concerns itself with the apex of work by the Russian-Soviet poet Marina Tsvetaeva, embodies a direct path of artistic development. Irina Kosheleva provides artistic direction and design for the curation of the space. She maintains a thoughtful and well-organized layout that is filled with symbolic motifs, referring to Tsvetaeva's life and work.

The exhibition space boasts a decisive color palette and a central theme of a notebook — the honored writer had four preferred types of lined paper. The overall layout of the event takes cues from Tsvetaeva's 'Poem of the Air,' where "the lifting of the soul" is described in stages: "Earth-radiation — Earth-repentance — Earth-radiation — Earth-cutting." Much like this, the poetic exhibition space is structured to change with reference to the poem, "consistently getting rid of sound, color and light."