The 'Xia' Stool Plays a Musical Note When Sat on or Depressed

 - May 23, 2018
References: burelfactory & contemporist
The 'Xia' Stool is a cute piece of modern interior decor that will bring a new element into living spaces from both a visual and an auditory perspective. Designed by Soraia Gomes Teixeira, the stool has an accordion-like look that has been crafted from wood, sheep's wool and Burel, which makes it an organically textured seating solution for the home.

The 'Xia' Stool plays the A note when sat on or depressed, which will come as something of a delight to inhabitants each time the seat is sat on as well as for visitors. Speaking on the stool, the designer explained that, "Xia Stool is a fun object that makes people smile and unleashes their imagination. The note A comes always different in each "xia" so you’ll never sit down bored again."