Figura's Deli Collection was Inspired by New York's Stores

 - May 18, 2018
Figura's Deli collection is the latest line to come from the Brooklyn-based label. It's dedicated to New York’s ubiquitous corner store; the deli. A deli is a local shop, usually family-owned and always a good choice to satisfy whatever one might be craving. Delis are as visually noisy and as busy as urban life, and Figura's minimal designs are sure to help one find balance in the city. In addition to the aesthetic, "deli" sounds similar to "daily," which references Figura's new collection.

Versatile, lush and comfortable, Figura's collection is sure to offer one the same level of daily comfort that delis provide.

Credits: Anna Sergeeva (photography), Katerina Katakalides and Imani Curry-Johnson (modeling), Mariko Hartman (make-up and hair), Elena Zaharova (styling), Artur Paykin (Digital Art Director)