From Romantically Presented Accessories to Stone-Faced Lookbooks

 - Jul 1, 2018
Spotlighted in these June 2018 editorial trends is a diverse compilation of fashion photography that's meant to communicate the inspiration behind a designer's vision, and to peak consumer interest by showing them how particular pieces can be styled.

Obscurely, fashion label Figura looks to deli meat to find inspiration for its latest lookbook, paying homage to the many family owned shops that can be found throughout New York City. Thankfully, the apparel itself does not look like deli meat, with the colorful shops simply providing a unique backdrop for the stylish apparel that the models pose in.

Also included is UK-based retailer Missguided's #InYourOwnSkin campaign, which celebrates scars, birthmarks, burns, acne and other skin features that have traditionally been considered imperfections. By showing how different muses accept these unique features, Missguided delivers an empowering message that shows young women they shouldn't have to hide their natural features in order to feel beautiful.