The Wölffer 139 Cider Cans are Convenient and Chic

The Wölffer 139 cider cans have been designed as a modern packaging example that acknowledges the changing face of the alcohol industry as younger consumers shift towards alternative libations.

Featuring a vibrant, youthful design, the cans are emblazoned with a series of images that are fun, carefree and summery to make them as applicable for Millennials as possible. The cans are also inherently easy to transport, which acknowledges consumer preferences for convenience when it comes to food and drink packaging.

The Wölffer 139 cider cans were created by IWANT design and fit in well with the brand's other packaging examples as well as online visual identity. As consumers continue to become more discerning of the products they purchase, we'll likely continue to see brands responding with more stylish packaging examples.