Cocomero Rosé's Label Smells Just Like Watermelons

 - Jul 5, 2018
References: winc & delish
Many consumers choose their wine based on the label, which is why Cocomero Rosé's new scratch-n-sniff packaging is a total game-changer for indecisive drinkers. Not only does the label feature an adorable assortment of cartoon flowers and watermelons, but it smells just like the fruit as well.

Cocomero -- which translates into watermelon in Italian -- is a new rosé that boasts summery notes of rhubarb, honeysuckle, and watermelon. The fruity new wine is described as "refreshing, bright, crowd-pleaser," making it a perfect summer sipper. Of course, all of this is conveyed through the clever scratch-n-sniff label, which emits a light, watermelon scent when scratched.

With so many rosés on the market, Cocomero's interactive scratch-n-sniff packaging helps the bottle stand out among the other pretty pink offerings on store shelves.

Image Credits: Winc.