The Laowa 24 Millimeter Lens Looks Like an Insect's Proboscis

 - Sep 27, 2016
References: ephotozine & gizmodo
While anyone who's watched a sporting event live has seen the preposterously large and long lenses that professional photographers use for capturing distant images, the new Laowa 24 millimeter lens is unlike anything else. Though as long as those action lenses, the Laowa 24 millimeter lens tapers rather than expands. Capable of fitting onto any Canon or Nikon full-frame camera, the lens makes photographers look something like a mosquito with a probing proboscis.

This visual simile is actually quite apt, as Laowa says that its lens is designed to let photographers get wide-angle close-ups of "shy" subjects -- like skittish insects -- without physically getting too close to them.

The Laowa 24 millimeter lens can collapse like a telescope, making it convenient to add to one's camera bag arsenal.