'Poet on the Shore' by Yuxi Liu is a Poem-Generating AI Bot

 - Jun 6, 2017
References: liuyuxi.xyz & designboom
'Poet on the Shore' is a project by Yuxi Liu which features an artificially intelligent smart bot who generates poetry by roaming the shoreline.

The AI bot explores the beach, listening to its surroundings and translating that information into poetry, which it writes into the sand. "It enjoys watching the sea, listening to the sound of waves lapping on the beach, the murmurs of the winds, children’s conversing, and the incessant din of seabirds. Most of the time, it roams alone to listen and feel. Sometimes, it writes verses into the sand, and watches the waves wash them away," explains Liu.

The robot was created to question the very function of human sensibility through the production of a bot that can express emotions in a poetically sensible way - something that has been considered innately human.

Photo Credits: designboom, liuyuxi.xyz