The 'Orpheus' Suit Allows Astronauts to Perform Resistive Exercise

 - May 31, 2017
References: yankodesign
Performing resistive exercise in space is the only way for astronauts to maintain their physique given the lack of gravity, which is something the 'Orpheus' suit enables. Offering a total body workout, the 'Orpheus' suit enables wearers to go about their daily tasks while wearing it in order to help them keep up with their physical needs even when they are in space.

The 'Orpheus' suit is the design work of Mehmet E. Erg├╝l and is a far more versatile option than what is presently in use by astronauts at or heading to the International Space Station. The suit can be programmed in order to be augmented to suit individual needs of different astronauts and wearers.