The Eagle Eye Drone Has Solar Panels to Charge During Flight

 - Jun 1, 2017
References: yankodesign
One of the biggest issues with drones is that they require recharging after a short amount of time, but the Eagle Eye Drone aims to change this. Designed with solar panels on the top portion, the drone is intended to recharge itself as it flies in order to eliminate the need to land after just a short amount of flight time.

The drone is designed for areas with treacherous terrain in remote locations in order to keep track of how things are looking from a topology standpoint and beyond. This enables the drone to relay information pertaining to trees that might have fallen, how terrain has changed and much more.

The Eagle Eye Drone is the design work of Francois Baptista, Stephane Pietroiusti, Manon Gerard, David Plachez and Gregoire Lauwers.