'Hypervsn' by Kino-Mo Projects Floating 3D Advertisements

 - Jun 6, 2017
References: kino-mo & mashable
Hypervsn by Kino-mo is bringing advertisements to life through its easy-to-install 3D hologram system which allows for the projection of 3D advertisements, signs or displays. The floating mid-air visual is imagined to light up malls, drawing consumers in with a more eye-catching display.

Kino-mo's innovative technology is bringing hope to tech fans everywhere through the development of its holographic projection -- a traditionally complicated and expensive technique. Kino-mo's holograms bring affordability to holograms while providing the same striking results. The company's simplified system provides the buyer with access to High definition 3D visuals that can be synced to display custom configurations.

The London-based technology start-up could change the face of advertising forever with the development of this affordable yet scalable alternative to holographic technology.