'PreInsta' Lets Users A/B Test Their Photos Before Posting

 - Jun 14, 2017
References: itunes.apple & producthunt
Instagram is a social network, but it's also a social battleground in which users compete for as many Likes as possible, and PreInsta is the newest weapon in that fight. The app lets users A/B test their pictures before posting them on Instagram proper, increasing the likelihood of racking up Likes.

PreInsta is effectively an Instagram training ground. The app collects and displays users' images, just like on Instagram, but users will notice something odd while scrolling through. Each image has a near duplicate beside it, and users only have the option to Like one of the two. That's because posters use PreInsta to decide between the best pictures they have from a given photo session. Since none of the posts on PreInsta are visible on Instagram, it lets users test their images and determine what will perform best in a smaller, more confined community before hitting the big stage.