'Miso Happy' Turns Your 2D Selfie into Moving a 3D Character

 - May 31, 2017
References: technewstube & techcrunch
Miso Happy is a new app that brings your selfies to life by literally adding a new dimension.

The app is being marketed as an "augmented reality sticker faceapp," which essentially means the app uses augmented reality to create uncanny representations of yourself. After users take a photo of themselves, the app will generate a 3D character. Users an select different outfits and poses for their avatars, creating the potential for both creepy and hilarious results.

What defines this app, is that unlike others, your 3D character can be laid against a background of your choosing, working in real-time with your iPhone camera. The 3D selfie generator is compatible with social media platforms, allowing stickers and filters to be layered onto the live-action selfie. Miso Happy would appeal to Millennials and Gen Z as it combines their love of technology with social media and novelty.