Brutalist Redesigns Gives Popular Apps a Brutalist Twist

 - Jun 6, 2017
References: pierrebuttin & fastcodesign
Pierre Buttin is a UX designer and the person behind Brutalist redesigns, a series that imagines what popular mobile apps would look like if given a Brutalism-inspired redesign. Brutalism is a style of architecture typically characterized by a plain aesthetic appeal and exposed materials, which oftentimes include concrete and steel. In Brutalist redesigns Buttin takes the beauty out of popular apps.

The results can best be described as mix. Some of these apps seem to benefit from the Brutalist approach, with big buttons ensuring that you don't accidentally swipe right on someone you wanted to swipe left on. But some of the Brutalist redesigns apps are worse off, with text running into button boxes or disappearing off the screen entirely. Check out Pierre Buttin's Brutalist redesigns and decide for yourself if mobile apps look better or worse with a function-first design like this.