'Binky' is an Anti-Social Network That Connects You to No One

 - Jun 12, 2017
References: thenextweb & gizmodo
The compulsive and mindless nature at which people scroll through their social media feeds acted as the driving force behind the creation of 'Binky,' a disconnected social media app made to act as a pacifier for people who can't stop looking at their phones. This app is intended to reflect the "banality of our mobile screens" through providing a service that gives you something to do, while accomplishing nothing.

The app consists of a news feed that is reminiscent of Instagram's image-based structure and lets users scroll through boring and pointless photos simply captioned "eye lash" or "Mailroom." Users can comment, 're-bink' or 'like' the images, however, based on the anti-social nature of the app, no one will ever see your profile or comments. The app essentially takes other people out of social media, providing a space where people can get their social media fix by mindlessly scrolling, while making no impact on their surroundings.