The 'Wakey Wakey' App Rouses Sleepers with Uncomfortable Activities

 - Jun 8, 2017
References: youtube
The 'Wakey Wakey' alarm clock app is like a number of alarm clock apps that are designed to wakr you up with stimulating activities. Examples of this include Kiwake, which has you get out of bed and match a photo of something you've photographed across the room the night before and Poncho, which wakes you up with jokes and funny weather forecasts.

But instead of fun activities, Wakey Wakey wakes you up with horrible activities. The app includes unpleasant wake-up calls such as challenges to eat a jar of vaseline or answering a trivia question within 30 seconds or an intimate photos will be sent to everyone in your contact list. The Wakey Wakey app is still in testing.