The Darth Vader Self-Stirring Mug Lets Drinkers Use the Force

 - Apr 27, 2017
References: thinkgeek
Way back in the 70s, when Star Wars first arrived to movie theaters, Darth Vader captivated audiences with his use of the force, and the Darth Vader self-stirring mug applies that awesome power to a slightly more banal task. The coffee mug uses a hidden mechanism controlled by a button on the handle to automatically stir the liquid inside, giving those unaware of the trick no choice but to believe in the holder's medichlorean-filled personage.

The Darth Vader self-stirring mug is an officially licensed piece of Star Wars merchandise, and it has an image of the sith lord with the phrase "The Force Is Strong With This One" emblazoned on the side. It is made out of stainless steel and plastic, and it has a capacity of 12 ounces.