Olly's Probiotic Sticks Offer Health Bacteria for Digestive Health

 - Feb 21, 2017
References: olly & observer
As probiotic products continue to dominate the market, most of these products are focused on the inclusion of probiotics into foods and beverages like yogurt and milks -- but the Probiotic Sticks offered by the brand Olly aim for a more direct method for consumers to gain the benefits of this health bacteria.

The Quick Melt Probiotic Sticks come in the form of crystal-like bacteria that is poured into the mouth and dissolves easily on the tongue. It contains "10 billion live cultures from four scientifically studied strains," ensuring that it offers as much health bacteria as possible. The sticks come in a variety of flavors that include grape, blueberry and apple.

Olly's Probiotic Sticks are an excellent, direct method of maintaining digestive health.