These Prenatal Supplements from HappyMama Come in a Chewy Gummy Form

 - Jun 19, 2016
References: happyfamilybrands
These prenatal supplements from HappyMamma are designed to offer a source of nutrients for mothers and their developing babies that's flavorful and easy-to-consume.

The Lemon + Berry + Orange flavor is enriched with Omegas, DHA, Vitamin D and Choline, making it a powerful complement to a prenatal vitamin routine. Unlike many gummies that are flavored and colored with unnatural agents, these ones from HappyMama get their sweetness from ingredients like organic cane sugar and tapioca syrup. While coloring is added to the chewy gummies, these colors come from natural sources like annatto, purple carrot juice concentrate and turmeric.

As well as being ideal for expectant mothers, this product from HappyMama is also noted as being suitable for breastfeeding mothers.