These Herschel Bags Feature Coca-Cola Prints and an Insulated Liner

Following a recent collaboration with Coca-Cola, the iconic Herschel bags are now featuring the soft drink logo yet again in a small capsule collection that's designed for the summer.

The series from Herschel Supply Co. includes a backpack, a tote bag, a bucket hat and a pouch for change and other valuables. The collaborative brand effort makes use of the popular style of Herschel bags while covering them in the Coca-Cola colors and slogan, 'Ice Cold Sold Here.' This slogan, that's famous for its use on the company's vending machines, also eludes to the summer-friendly use of the products -- all of which include an insulated liner that helps to cool the contents placed inside.

With this feature, the collection is well-suited to consumers looking to enjoy camping trips or music festivals, as the Herschel bags and other accessories keep them and their beverages cool for longer.