Monocle Tattoo in LA Offers Tattoos That Will Not Hurt Any Animals

 - Dec 29, 2015
References: monocletattoo & designtaxi
In a move that is extremely LA, Monocle Tattoo is the only place to get a 100% vegan tattoo in the city. Getting a tattoo includes multiple steps -- stencil paper, razors, soaping and lubricating the skin, ink and aftercare -- that all have the potential to contain animal-based ingredients. The Los Angeles tattoo parlor offers services that are not only animal-byproduct free, but also choose products that don't do animal testing.

For many consumers of the millennial generation, radical transparency is important in any brand -- both companies and now tattoo artistry. This also reflects a desire for ethical practices.

If you adhere to a cruelty-free lifestyle, now you can ensure your newest ink is a vegan tattoo.