These Freehand Snake Tattoo Designs Use White Ink Perfectly

 - May 30, 2016
References: instagram & designtaxi
Mirko Sata is part of 'Satatttvision' studio in Milan, where he has been creating white ink snake tattoo designs for a number of clientele.

The white ink that he often uses gives the traditional piece a fresh originality, counteracting the black and grey inks he often mixes it with. As white ink can be problematic for a lot of artists, his careful incorporation of it in the delicate designs make his work stand out. Many other shops refuse to give clients white ink tattoos due to the likelihood that they will fade, become distorted and because the ink is difficult to work with. Mirko Sata's snake tattoo designs show how the troublesome technique can be integrated perfectly. The serpentine images twist around each other in multiple works, with the white looking like artful scar tissue.