These Vintage Floral Tattoos are Temporary and Easy to Apply

 - Apr 19, 2016
References: etsy & etsy
Etsy's Tattoorary shop specializes in vintage floral tattoos that are a temporary version of classic motifs. While a full tattoo sleeve requires a huge commitment and plenty of pain tolerance, these removable body art decals make a bold statement without lasting a lifetime.

In addition to intricately colored tattoos, Tattoorary also specializes in monochromatic versions of lined body art. These vintage floral tattoos are a nod to the past and include incredibly detailed versions of rose buds, sunflowers and lilies. Furthermore, Tattoorary also offers singular hue decals that feature one main color while offering the same detail of a fully multi-colored piece.

In addition to targeting youth who seek to sport a tattoo without making the commitment it takes to get one, these inked decals are also ideal for music festival and concert goers looking to stand out in the crowd.