Gakkin Creates Intricate Designs Inspired by Japanese Techniques

 - May 23, 2016
References: gakkin-tattoo & mymodernmet
When it comes to tattoos in general, people are becoming more bold and experimental -- that can be said of these freehand tattoos. Created by artist Gakkin, they might be done without the need or help of a stencil, but they are incredibly intricate and well-executed in spite of that direction. It's incredible to think that the body is really just one fleshy canvas.

Of course, these particular freehand tattoos employ some time-honored techniques that ensure they turn out beautifully. Inspired by the Japanese culture, Gakkin blends classic imagery with contemporary styles to capture his clients perfectly. Each piece is tailored to the person -- which is important when it comes to freehand tattoos. The artist shares that his work follows "a new approach to traditional Japanese themes," while still adhering to important rules.