Roxx Uses Thin Lines and Extensive Detail to Rework Tradition

 - May 31, 2016
References: instagram & designtaxi
A UK-based tattoo artist going by the name 'Roxx' on Instagram has a talent for giving tribal tattoos a modern twist using thin line work and geometrical patterns.

The artist is entirely self-trained and prefers to leave the drawing until her clients are in the room, putting the designs directly onto their bodies rather than using stencils. With this technique, her work curves perfectly with each intricacy of each of her human canvases, making the tribal tattoos fully customized to them. The end result of her work makes clear her attention to detail and her ability to adapt to each client's needs.

By reinventing traditional tribal tattoos with a modern twist, Roxx shows the possibilities afforded when intermingling new and old stylistics.