These Blow-Up Creatures are Made From Fur & Scale Texture Balloons

 - May 24, 2015
References: sarahderemer & boredpanda
With the use of texture balloons, Sarah DeRemer created realistic animals and critters with enhanced colors and exaggerated features. The texture balloons show scales on sea creatures like turtles and crabs while fur-like balloons give life to land animals like squirrels and dogs.

The face of each animal is also visible with eyes, noses and mouths that are part of the balloon. DeRemer's collection transforms silly circus balloon dogs from a fun party trick into a peculiar piece of art.

DeRemer graduated with a degree in Studio Art but then became a veterinary technician. By combining her passion for art and love of animals,k she has been creating artwork that reflects these interests. She has explored many outlets to convey her art which includes balloons and photography. She has captured the essence of real creatures through texture balloons while giving them playing attitudes through cartoon-like characteristics.