Alex Stoddard Continues to Portray the Fragility of Life

 - May 19, 2015
References: alexstoddard.format & designtaxi
The emotional photography of Alex Stoddard continues to be as dark and surreal as ever. Yet this style is utterly compelling in its ability to connect deeply with its audience. Since the Los Angeles-based fine art photographer focuses on the "the drama and fragility of the human experience," in his own words, this should come as no surprise.

Powerful and poetic, his emotional photography was recently featured as part of the "Flickr 20under20" Exhibition. In an interview with the company, he says, "One day I would be hanging off a cliff, another day I would be throwing myself in a fish tank in the dead of winter. I didn’t really care if I was uncomfortable, I was just focused on creating a unique shot. You’re never going to grow if you’re just doing the same thing every day. You really need to be afraid of what you’re doing in order to learn something from it."