Pau Bicycle Wall Rack is a Brace that Blends into Your Interior Decor

 - Feb 2, 2015
With this basic bike rack, you can turn your trusty two-wheeler into a hip item of art, while freeing up valuable floor space. For those living in apartment buildings or cramped houses without sheds, this product offers perfectly practical storage.

The Happy Bicycle product is made from birch plywood, left looking lovely and natural. It takes a U shape with screw mounts in its middle, and curved tips hold the top tube of your conveyance. Small strips of cork provide cushioning for the hanging frame, preventing any paint from scratching. You can use it in conjunction with the company's Snur felt strap to hold the front wheel in place, streamlining your cyclist decor. When this basic bicycle rack empty, it's small and subtle enough to blend into the wall, without contributing aesthetic fuss.