Louise-Anne Van 'T Riet's Table Design Appears Bottomless

 - Feb 17, 2015
References: louvtr & mocoloco
While you often want to keep surfaces as uncluttered as possible to show off a piece of furniture, the infinity table design by Louise-Anne van 't Riet becomes amplified with objects placed on it. The Infinitum has Arduino-powered LED lights lining its interior, creating the illusion of a vortex that goes on forever.

As much as the table is interesting to look at with a water glass or magazine on its surface, the smart table only powers off when all of the objects resting on it have been removed. The table is able to make these detections thanks to embedded sensors that pick up on small vibrations. Although the furniture piece seems quite complicated, the simplicity of its construction is astounding, as you can see with the finished surfaces removed.