The &B Laser Beam Light Casts Colors, Patterns and Logos on the Road

 - Jan 16, 2015
References: & yankodesign
If only you could go a step further than using reflectors and compact lamps for safe cycling and get creative with laser bike lights. A concept product dreamed up by Min Keun Kwon, this tiny device can emit a massive illuminated footprint to visually enhance your pedaling appearance.

The fish-shaped projector is easily installed on your bicycle handlebars or just beneath your seat, pointing its pair of torches downwards and outwards to brighten up the asphalt below. A variety of patterns, colors and elaborate motifs are filter options for giving your two-wheeler the illusion of feathered wings or a windy swoosh. The &B laser bike light could even be smartphone-app controlled for more designs, including corporate logos and streaming video.