This Cute Nessie Spoon was Made in the Image of the Fabled Scottish Monster

 - Jan 22, 2015
References: animicausa & likecool
Perhaps only those who believe in Nessie will see her resemblance in the form of this Loch Ness ladle. Inspired by the legendary creature that inhabits a deep lake in northern Scotland, this serving spoon dishes out some imagination in the kitchen.

This little Loch Ness Monster has a bowl for a body, offering a generous capacity for serving up portions of soup and stew. The long neck-like handle of the animalistic implement swoops elegantly upwards to finish in a rounded head, complete with a pair of holes that can be interpreted as eyes. Contributing atypical practicality to this Loch Ness ladle is a set of four stubby legs. They keep it propped up, creating a novelty utensil that's unexpectedly clever.