The El Picaporte Storefront Makes a Splash in Valencia

Amidst the grand and elegant facades that line the streets of Valencia, Spain, a passerby will certainly notice the El Picaporte location. Bursting forth from the regularity and the rationality behind the fenestration and crisp textural detailing is a sculpture of gushing water, seemingly escaping through the window of this home improvement store.

A boutique for kitchen and bathroom fixtures, El Picaporte sells a luxurious selection of contemporary plumbing accessories like faucets, which are the source of running water, of course. This notion of flowing liquid led to this imaginative feature by Hernandez Architects that actually bursts through a deliberately cut hole in the glass. This storefront is a great example of how a relatively humdrum product can be represented by a punchy image, bringing extra excitement and intrigue to the brand and its identity.