This Retail Display For Elege is Shaped Like a Toblerone Bar

 - Apr 14, 2015
This rather prismatic retail display was created by Brazilian designer Augusto Gottsfritz, based in the city of Sao Paolo, for Brazilian dairy products giant Elege. Elege is known for producing quality milk products including condensed milk, milk powder, cream milk, butter and yogurt.

The challenge then is how to make the products stand out and seem appealing and fresh. Gottsfritz's solution was to opt for a conical retail display reminiscent of a Toblerone chocolate bar. Each cone-shaped segment features shelves stacked with Elege's dairy offerings.

What's more, this display manages to look elegant while still minimizing the area it takes up in the retail space. This display goes to show that bland, rectangular or against-the-wall displays don't have to be a go-to to minimize clutter. These triangle-shaped shelves are elegant, eye-catching and simple, everything you want from a good retail display solution.