The Hunter-Gatherer Lets You Virtually Catch Your Food for Delivery

 - Feb 23, 2015
References: electroluxdesignlab & tuvie
As modern society gets more and more out of touch with the origins of consumer products, this holographic fishing technology presents a unique new spin. People may not be going out into knee-high water to catch their own salmon, but they could have a simulated experience in their own homes.

Pan Wang has envisioned virtual reality fishing with this Future Hunter-Gatherer device. The disk-shaped gadget can be set on a countertop or mounted on a wall, and when you switch it on, holograms of marine life begin to seemingly swim through the air. With a connected fishing net, the consumer can trap his choice seafood. The holographic fishing system registers this catch, and the local supermarket will prepare and deliver your preferred trout or bass to you.