The Nendo Backyard Store was Inspired by a Playful Commercial Rear Lot

 - Feb 7, 2015
References: & design4interior
It may be that this retailer embraces a shipping yard shop design, but the inspiration behind it may not be immediately obvious to everyone. Instantly noticeable is the crisp beauty of this store, which takes some textural and metaphorical influences from this notion of the "backyard."

The Seibu Sogo Backyard shop was dreamed up by the business's in-house team, Nendo. It's also Nendo's homewares, fashion and accessories that can be found between these soft concrete walls. Basically, the designers wanted to channel the atmosphere of the rear lot into their store, as this wonderful place where raw materials gather and fresh products begin their journey out for sale. The retail display comprises mostly minimalist white shelving to make the products pop; however, exposed woodgrain surfaces are left on the bottom, resembling an exquisitely controlled weathering effect.