This Lavender Hydrosol from S.W. BASICS Soothes Skin

 - Jan 29, 2016
References: shopspring
This Lavender Hydrosol spray from S.W. BASICS is made from 100% pure lavender and can be reapplied to the face throughout the day. The Lavender Hydrosol also has a calming effect on the body and can be used as an aromatherapy treatment for coping with stress or anxiety in addition to its skin-soothing properties.

The product, along with the rest of the S.W. BASICS collection, is all-natural and produced in small batches by the brand's team, who are based in Oregon. The Lavender Hydrosol from S.W. BASICS is available through the Spring online store and is steam distilled as part of its formulation process. Available in two-ounce spray bottles, the anxiety-relieving skincare essential is a must-try for natural beauty fans.